How I’m Living Life with Lupus Blog

My Personal Lupus Lifestyle

This is the journey as a Lupus Warrior. There are many faces of Lupus, all are not visible, you will continue to hear, ” you don’t look sick”. All Lupus Warriors have different experiences, and yet we have many in common, some good, are some that are truly bad, but the goal here is holding each other up. It is my experience there are only two things that have helped me cope with Lupus. I created this blog to share with you my journey as a Lupus Warrior. I pray that my adventures, photos, and treatments, will encourage you in your time of need.  I hope you enjoy.

After I got over the fact that I had Lupus, and I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, I made a life-changing decision.  I decided how I wanted to live the rest of my days.  I decided I wanted to be happy and made the decision to fall in love with myself.  I take my self on dates, I take myself on walks, I like to learn new things even though I might forget them in 30 mins or so, lol. Those of you have Lupus Brain or Brain Farts will get that joke. I hope to cover all the big things and the little things about Lupus and how I try to find joy inside my tears.

Suggest for coping:

The first thing is, finding a Support group outside of your family is a necessity. You need someone or a few people in your circle that will understand what it takes to fight for your own life daily when your body has decided not to be on its best behavior.

The second thing is, you will need purpose.  You need something you love doing or a place you love being so bad you will go even when you are in pain. My joy is photography and my grandkids.

Last but not least, find your passion, if you don’t have a hobbly get one. If you are not good at anything, learn something new. Your goal should be fun, find something to enjoy and laugh a lot. Laughter is a great healer.  I know if a doctor were to tell me, “Sista’ this is your last day on earth.”  I can guarantee my last memories will not be white sheets, because I stayed in bed all day. I want to be able to tell that doctor, I’m glad I got up and watched the sunrise, I’m glad I went on a walk, I’m glad I took some great photographs yesterday. Let’s not get crazy, yes I have been in the hospital overnight more times than i wish to count and I was not able to take pictures, but I did get up, I looked out the window, I walked the halls and smiled at people, I always walk to the gift store and window shop. I find a little joy every day, it is my goal.

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